Tuesday, May 30, 2006

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AFP (France)
Language lover on quest to save Chinglish
May 05 2009
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Lianhe Zaobao (Singapore)
April 16 2009
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China Daily (China)
Chinglish has life, don't trample on it
April 15 2009
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新京报 (China)
April 03 2009
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Beijing Today (China)
Chinglish as cultural heritage
November 21 2008
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Sina.com (China)
July 23 2008
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Newstalk Breakfast Show (Ireland)
March 20 2008
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Sunday Times (Singapore)
Signs of the Times
March 16 2008
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ABC National Radio (Australia)
Lingua Franca program
March 1 2008
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Channel News Asia (Singapore)
Prime Time Morning
"Quirks in Translation - Author and sinologist explains 'Chinglish' in terms of Chinese cultural context"
October 3 2007
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World Vision 世界博览 (China)
"Chinglish" 记录本
by 王紫微
September issue 2007
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Southern Weekend 南方周末 (China)
by 张哲
August 9 2007
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View (Germany)
Chinesisch + Englisch = Chinglish
August 2007 issue

Bilingual Time 双语时代 (China)
Chinglish allows travelers to have a window into the Chinese mind

by Oliver Lutz Radtke
July 2007 issue

Spiegel Online (Germany)
Die Sache mit dem Ding
By Oliver Lutz Radtke
June 11 2007
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Shanghai Star (China)
Poor language skills or street poetry?
by Ina Relsted
May 2007

Shanghai Morning Post上海晨报 (China)
by 谢岗
May 2007

Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报 (Singapore)
by 沈泽玮
March 2007

Holiday100 假日100天 (China)
by 何欣
March 2 2007
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Deutsche Welle 德国之声 (Germany)
By 洪沙
February 09 2007
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Wall Street Journal (USA)
Tired of Laughter, Beijing Gets Rid Of Bad Translations
By Mei Fong
February 05 2007
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(In case anyone wonders about the historical date of this entry. I simply don't know how to write a new post without letting it appear on the front page besides through changing the date.)


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