Tuesday, May 05, 2009

AFP 1, Reuters 0.

AFP's Beijing correspondent Peter Harmsen and I had a wonderful linguistic conversation over a cup of freshly brewed coffee recently.
Here's the story:

Language lover on quest to save Chinglish
(posted May 5 2009)

Many thanks, Peter.


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hi, ich habe heute bei einen hongkongzeitung ueber dich und deine website gelesen.
ich muss sagen, deine idea ist zimlich gut, so aehmlich wie das buch von langenscheidt(uebelsetzungen)
ich finde es sehr interresant,was du machst, und auch viel spass.
ich bin eine chinesische studentin in dresden sein 7jahren. ich schreibe dir deswegen auf deutsch.

ok, ich wuensche dir viel spass weiter!
und schaue ich auch sehr gern ab und zu mal bei deinen website.

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you did a good job. It's reasonable for the existence of Chinglish, because different culture background brings different thinking, so Chinglish can reflect what Chinese are thinking. It's an interesting thing studying on the topic! cheer up. An English language loving Chinese.

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我知道你能看懂中文,看了你的博客,给我的感觉讽刺意味比较多,如果作为交流只会惹来口水之争,建议措辞上面 最好不要那么尖锐,比如说toilet,这个单词既然发明了为什么不能用,应该解释下理由,而不是一味的讽刺,措辞上多用建议2个字,毕竟中国人说英语,就像德国人说汉语一样,总免不了词语以及语法的错误。另外您说的中国人不认真的态度,我不赞成哦。原因嘛,我想不必多说的,你不只是在中国旅游吧?你周围接触的人群应该会给你答案!

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A fair enough attempt to earn some money by selling your books. Have you given thought to both the pluses and minuses?

There is a difference between the natural use of chinglish and a concerted effort to promote it.

Chinglish will continue to happen because, like other varieties of incorrect english, there will be people who will use english incorrectly, some while trying to learn or master it. So, it will be "preserved" even without your efforts.

Promoting it, like NOT rectifying public signages in chingless, is insidious, for want of a softer word. You may as well be telling teachers in china, and teachers in other countries as well, to teach or even invent their own variety of english.

And I guess if you do have a child one day, you'd prefer it to learn chinglish first before or instead of learning standard english? If you can answer this question honestly to yourself, you will at least know where you stand intellectually and morally.

Perhaps you would one day like to see the word "there" being spelt as "their" just to accommodate the english used by those british kids and adults who never bothered to put any effort into learning their mother tongue.

Do not equate discipline with conservatism or snootiness, and indiscipline with freedom and accommodation.

Sell your books and have your fun (and I do enjoy the fun of chinglish and other varieties for their reflection of non-english-speaking cultures), but trying to dress fun in serious clothing can turn you into a clown.

Take care and let fun be fun.

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Old no die

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how to send you interesting photo on Chinglish? Pls. see this classic one: http://colorfulpupil.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!346F50B27E506F53!2760.entry

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If STELIOT is a Chinglish word, then we can enjoy Chinglish everywhere and anytime in the UK. ECNALUBMA and ECILOP are the most common signs on the UK ambulances and police cars.

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u r sooooooo cute~

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hi, I think your blog is nice.
I wanna contribute one that is very funny.

I found it on a billboard in Chongming Island, Shanghai.

"Welcome to Boss's Wife Restaurant " --"欢迎光临老板娘饭店"

Cecile, cecilechina19@126.com

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olr, have you ever seen the birth certificate of China? Most of the English words in it is understandble in words but outstanding in expressions!
What is "Identity Card NO"?

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