Thursday, December 27, 2007

Chinglish - Categorical problems

One of the things that interested me a lot recently, is how book retailers categorize "Chinglish - Found in Translation".

I checked out several of amazon's local language websites and was quite surprised.
Here is what I've found out.

- (.de/.fr)
#8 in Books > Literature & Fiction > British > Humor

#19 in Books > Society, Politics & Philosophy > Social Sciences > Linguistics > Historical & Comparative Linguistics > Dialectology

所属分类 图书 > 进口原版 > Reference 工具书 > Dictionaries & Thesauruses 词典及辞典

And and don’t categorize at all.

At the local chain MPH I spotted the book between "Greetings from the Simpsons" and "The Dictionary of Legal Bullshit", which luckily didn't scare our young reader to pick it up anyway.

What does that tell us? Books are only what we want them to be? I just don't know ...


At 8:19 PM, Anonymous biby wrote ...

the UK site sounds like having sorted it into the right category, although I doubt whether it is really necessary or efficient to categorize books into such details.


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