Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Now it's official ...

"Chinglish - Found in Translation" is on the shelves!

Oliver Lutz Radtke
Chinglish -
Found in Translation

Paperback, 85 pages
English introduction
Gibbs Smith Publisher
ISBN: 978-1423603351

You may order via or

In Singapore it's available at Kinokunyia and Page One.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


I've recently received several mails, mainly by the notorious outraged Chinese reader and his main slogan "Show some respect to our country, we will run you all over very soon", questioning the authenticity of the shown Chinglish photographs.

I can't change his attitude besides with what I am doing with this website, so I won't bother, but questioning the quality of my exhibits is a different matter.

It is precisely because pictures that have been manipulated are so readily available on the internet that I adhere to a strict policy of only displaying photos on which have been taken by photographers that I know personally and who also reveal the location where the photo has been taken.
I frequently turn down many images for display - in spite of how hilarious they are - precisely because I cannot guarantee their authenticity.

I kindly ask readers who are suspicious to refrain from questioning the authenticity of the pictures shown.

All Chinglish on is real and will continue to be.



Thanks, Jochen, for the pharmacy in Macao!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Fake or no fake?

I've received the following picture several times during the last fews days.

It is obviously a Beijing branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. As the sign states, the "male" branch is on Beichen Rd. 北辰路, which - with a little research - actually is Beichen East Rd. no. 8 北辰东路8号汇欣大厦1层, phone number is 84980594.

I am asking a favor of you Beijing netizens! Could anyone of you venture out and take a large size picture of it to make sure this is not a fake?

If this turns out to be real, I'll get in touch with them and will further report on this matter here on

Hope to hear from a helping hand real soon!

Update Aug 15:

My private eye Silvano took a picture of the branch plate this afternoon. He writes:
In front of the bank there were a whole bunch of old people, men and women, supposedly all stock holders, waiting for the door to open. At 8:30, the sun was already glaring. Note that the two plates differ drastically. My guess is that there has been a replacement.
Looks like they've figured it out themselves. So it's hard to tell whether or not "male service" was genuine. Many thanks, my friend!