Monday, August 28, 2006

Today's sad story

China Daily reports on another recent campaign to clean up, what they call, incorrect English, and I call Chinglish beauties:

Welcome to come," instead of "Welcome." "Receives the silver" rather than "Cashier" these are just two examples of the more than 1,000 mistakes turned up by a recent campaign to clean up incorrect English usage in Beijing.


Friday, August 25, 2006

The city of Suzhou 苏州 at its best.

I did - just this morning.

"Please get me some green ter, will ya?"

But I'm used to first upper under!

Many thanks to my friend Bai Make 白马克 in Shanghai 上海.

Sinospector's good comment on this one:

Maybe we should offer the proper translation of this beauty, so as to make it more clear, what the pace and direction of this curious sign is meant to provoke in people:

"First disembark, then embark", as a reminder to the Chinese users of the metro system. People in China tend to do things the other way around, for fear they won't make it on the train (let alone get a seat) before it takes off. Often, they are not that wrong in doing so!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hebei 2006 - Chinglish heaven, part V

"Lesser Panda" - Sigmund Freud would have known how to deal with that one.

The Chinese brand 小熊猫 xiao xiongmao actually means "Little Panda", according to the World Wildlife Fund the shown translation is still correct, though.

Update: I just learned that the "Lesser Panda" actually exists, being not only "lesser" but "redder" than the Giant Panda. I have found some pictures of the Ailurus fulgens online.

Hebei 2006 - Chinglish heaven part IV

Close to the Inner Mongolian border at 1500 metres I came across a Chinese Mongolian Disneyland park with camels and motorquads alike.

"with the addition of milk packs" actually means "Milk Tee Yurt". I love it.

Hebei 2006 - Chinglish heaven, part III

I went crazy when I saw this collection of Chinglish beauties in a hotel in the city of 廊坊 Langfang in 河北 Hebei province.

I am glad that the Count of Monte Christo would have liked the intoxicating atmosphere... Maybe because of his wonderful bowling?

Hebei 2006 - Chinglish heaven, part II

I haven't seen 方便面 fangbianmian instant noodles translated like that... Maybe there is "advantageous coffee" as well?

Found in the city of 石家庄 Shijiazhuang, Hebei 河北 province.

Hebei 2006 - Chinglish heaven

Two weeks in Hebei this month made me feel in Chinglish Heaven since - thank Buddha - the governmental policy of eradicating all Chinglish for the 2008 Olympics doesn't show much effect - yet.

This first picture is actually not a real Chinglish file, but - hey - have you seen a sign like this in front of a hotel outside China?

Found in the city of Zhangjiakou 张家口, Hebei 河北 Province.